Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Me and Leettle Ed


Anonymous said...

Lily, you are so cute! I can tell that you play very well with your brother!
I LOVE your BLOG! Way Cool! I bet you are the only girl in all of Aledo second grade that has one of their own! Can you help Carly make one of her own?
PS~Baby Ed looks so much like Carly when she was a baby!

I love and miss you very much~ Aunt Nancy

I Love you

Unknown said...

hi lillian its me emma your brother looks so cute i have a baby brother to how old is ed? you two are so cute

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily- How are you? I just love your blog. Maybe you can teach me some things. I love the pictures of you and Ed. Do you have some more pictures? I have not seen you since Easter and I am sure you have grown since then. I will see you soon.
I love you guys-Carolyn