Monday, April 14, 2008

Uses for Mooses

I made it at scool!


Linda Bien said...

I love your uses for Mooses!!! I was thinking that you could use the mooses antlers for TV antennas!! Or you could use a monkey's tail as a lasso!! Or you could use a lion's mane as a dust rag!!! .... and the list goes and on!! You are such a creative thinker. I LIKE IT!!!
Can't wait to see you, Edison, and your Mom and Dad Sunday!!

gina said...

What a fun book!

stampinc said...

Happy Birthday Lillian! Your blog is just the sweetest blog I've seen. I just love your creative work.

Hev said...

I fell in love with the giraffe picture :)

Giraffes are my favourite animal :)

You are a very very good drawer Lillian :)

Hugs from Australia :)

Metelko Family said...

Lillian - this is the cutest book!

Felicia said...

Lillian, i am so impressed by your artwork. I love the your giraffe and the moose is AWESOME! Hope to see you soon, come play with Evan and Ford! They need an art lesson!

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