Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sing-A-Long with Lily!

Today's my Mom's birthday! Here are some song for you to hear while we party!


Anonymous said...

Your songs are great!


Jennifer Meyer said...

Lily, you are just the sweetest! Thank you for sharing your sweet songs with all of us!

The Meyer Family :)

Julie said...

Hi Lillian!
You are a beautiful singer!
I like your birthday countdown ticker...74 days to go! :)

Marie said...

I hope your mom had a good birthday! Your songs are great. I've re-added your blog to mine - I had to switch to a new one. That means your link to mine won't work anymore, but I'm just letting you know that out of the hundreds of blogs on my old list, yours was one that I definitely remembered and wanted to put on my new blog :) Love your posts sweetie!!

SittingInATree said...


You sing great! I will get some video of Cerb for you. He misses you just as much as I do.



mel m. m. mccarthy said...

You have a beautiful voice! Thanks so much for sharing your songs. They made my day! Happy birthday to your Mom! :0)

Anonymous said...

wow Lily thank you for sharing your songs!! it's very nice!!


Connie said...

Hi Lillian, You sing so well and that was nice to do for your Mom.
I have a surprise for you here on my blog. You can ask your Mom about it as I would like to give you this award that was sent to me, also.
You can put it on your blog and tell your friends you now have your first award.
You have entertained me, so it's my turn to do something for you.
My place is
I hope you like it....
Hug to you,