Wednesday, October 8, 2008

School Fundraiser

Lily's Mom here: I PROMISED Lillian I would post her school fundraiser for her this morning...just so you know...YES she IS at school today! ;)

It's school fundraiser time in this neck of the woods!

Since our entire neighborhood is FULL of school aged kids, knocking on doors is not very useful. So Lillian and I thought, "Hey people can order online!"..."HELLO BLOG!". You can order with Lily's Seller ID and have it shipped straight to you all while supporting Lillian's WONDERFUL school!!!! I'm sure she will be anxious to see if she makes more than 3 sales this year, FUN!

Here is the page so you can browse and see if there is anything you'd like.
Click on:

Then simply enter in Lillian's Seller ID: cod1963
...and start shopping!

There really is a wide variety of things for's not just candy anymore!


Susan (susiestampalot) said...

we have the same fundraiser---plan on buying something saturday. lindsie is all over it, wanting to sell, sell, sell, just like nancy!! i think she has a gift!

Linda said...

Lillian -- I LOVE your new picture with the pumpkins. I've ordered some stuff from you. Thank you for letting me participate. Hope your school gets a lot of funds!!

Carly said...

This is so cool. My school did a fundraiser too. I added a guestbook to my blog. I also added some really groovy tunes.