Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami in Japan!

Yesterday the biggest earthquake in history. No one is sure how many were killed yet. It was a 8.8 shock. WOW!! that's bad. I just learned about world disasters too. My teacher showed me pictures.

all of the buildings,cars,and people are in that.

aftermath doesn't look good.

not good.

see. no more mrs. nice earth.


Linda said...

Lillian -- I'm glad your teacher showed you these pictures. However, there is still Mrs. Nice Earth, but just every once in a while there are disasters that occur that we don't have any control over. Every time something bad happens, it seems that something good happens. We don't always know what that good is until it is upon us. Everybody is thinking and praying for all those effected in this latest disaster.
Thank you for caring enough to post these pictures and your thoughts.

Carly said...

Hey Lilly,
That's so sad. it looks terrible.

Guess what?......................................................................
I have my OWN challenge blog! Crazy right?

Megann said...

How sad! Hope those people will be okay!

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