Thursday, December 27, 2007

I got a Digital Arts Studio for Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I especially like the sea horses picture!! It's my favorite. And by the way, I don't like bad people either!! They certainly do make life hard on all of us good people (and take it from me, you're one of the BEST of the good people). I'm going to put your blog on my favorites list on my computer, so I can check it a lot and keep up with all your wonderful pictures. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH

Lorrie said...

Hey Lillian! I just found your blog today from your Aunt Suzy's blog and what a talented little girl you are! A true artist in the making! I know your Mom and Dad are very proud of you!

Unknown said...

hi lillian your drawings are so cute i love all your pictures the seahorse one is very good by emma