Monday, March 31, 2008

Tell me about the Craft-Lite Cutter

I see this commercial all the time on TV. I write the number down and tell my mom I want to get it for her. Have any of you ever used one? I want to get it for my mom with my allowance but does it really work good?


Susan (susiestampalot) said...

hey lillian! i would like to know more about it, too! let me know if you hear anything. love, aunt susan

Linda said...

Good morning, Miss Lil!!! What a surprise to hear from you!! I MISS YOU A LOT!! As regards the lite cutter, I have seen the commercial. I don't have one and have never seen anyone actually use it (in person that is). I don't know whether it would work or not; I have not considered getting it -- #1 I have four cutters now, #2 I don't understand what the advantage of a lited surface would be. Maybe I'm dumb about it. I know your Mom wants one and I think she'd be really thankful to have it -- especially from YOU!!
My opinion is GO AHEAD AND GET IT if it's what she wants. She grew up wanting something as a gift and expressing her wants and wound up not getting it and having to settle with a substitute!!! GET IT FOR HER!!!.... and I think you're a wonderful daughter to be so thoughtful.
See you soon and know that Grandma loves you a whole bunch!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cutie-Pie!

I have not used one of these cutters before, but I think that if you want your Mommy to have it, you should get it for her. It is the thought that counts. Mother's Day is coming up, so maybe your Daddy can help you order it. If you need my help just call me.

I LOVE YOU~Aunt Nancy

Connie said...

Hi lillian

What a nice blog you have. You write so nice and I wish I could meet you.
I will keep your site on my list and come by to visit
Is that ok ?
Your Mom made a banner for me and she is very good
at her work. You must love her a lot.
bye for now..

Broni said...

Hi Lillian! You sure look sweet in your picture!!
I have not heard about the craftlitecutter before, but if I talk to anyone who has one, I will send them here to comment, ok?

Anonymous said...

Yes, if you hears about the cutter PLEASE comment! This is fun!

Lisa said...

My sister purchased this for me, which was so nice of her. I used it twice and then sold it on eBay. Unfortunately, it's not a great cutter. I thought the light/line was a great idea. It's not very focused, so it's not that precise. The cutting itself is awful. You can't get a cut on the first pass. Have to always use at least 2 passed. And when you're using the fancy blades, and passing more than once, it's never a clean cut.

I wish this product was great. It's not.


Joanne said...

I have no personal experience of this cutter, but you may like to ask your mum to read these Amazon reviews before you and she make up your minds -